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Golden Snitch "Watch Edition"
$14.95 $29.90
"Get the Snitch or die trying" — Oliver Wood to team Seeker, Harry Potter.All Harry Potter fans can now celebrate their hero's favorite game (Quidditch, of course) with this beautifully crafted, "Golden Snitch" inspired, necklace.It also doubles as a miniature Pocket Watch, making it that more special and unique.FREE International Shipping and 50% Price Cut For A Limited TimeGreat Deal: If you chose the Best Deal option, you will receive, next to the Bronze Golden Snitch, three other Harry Potter inspired accessories at half the price (Golden Snitch bracelet, necklace and earring). Extremely Limited! Don't miss the chance to expand your Harry Potter fashion collection!Please Note: If you chose our offer, we will contact you after you have placed your order to ask about color preferences.Ball Pendant Width: About 1.06 inches / 2.7cmBall Thickness: About 1 inch / 2.6cmTotal Length of Chain: About 31.5 inches / 80cm
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