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"Xenomorph" Stud Earrings
"Xenomorph" Stud Earrings

$30.00 $11.95

SHIPPING WORLDWIDE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! After adding your earrings to your shopping cart, you will see a pop-up asking you to choose the color for the FREE pair of earrings. These extremely detailed Xenomorph stud earrings will look amazing going "through" your earlobe! A must for any fan...

"Xenomorph" Stud Earrings (BOGO Offer)
"Xenomorph" Stud Earrings (BOGO Offer)

$30.00 $0.00

SHIPPING WORLDWIDE These extremely detailed Xenomorph stud earrings will look amazing going "through" your earlobe! A must for any fan of horror/sci-fi! Take the Alien Xenomorph with you everywhere! Strike fear in the heart of anyone who looks through your awesome Alien collection!  

Alien vs Predator "Cosbaby" Collectible Figures Alien vs Predator
Alien vs Predator "Cosbaby" Collectible Figures


Who can resist the charm of a cute little alien or cuddly predator? This set includes no less than 6 action figures: the Alien, Battle Damaged Alien, Wolf Predator, Ancient Predator, Predator, and the PredAlien! Each figure features joint articulation, amazingly detailed accessories and removable weapons! THESE ARE COLLECTIBLE ITEMS AND SUPPLY...

Discounted "Predator" Ring Discounted
Discounted "Predator" Ring

$29.95 from $11.95

...SCROLL FOR SIZING CHART and full description...   You'd better be glad this Predator ring is not that bulky and big, because it looks like it's ready to kick some tookus and it ain't takin' no names. It might, however, be taking some skulls and spines, thankyouverymuch. Material: High quality...

Handmade "Xeno" Bracelet Handmade
Handmade "Xeno" Bracelet

$20.00 $9.95

Not all Xenomorphs are born equal. Some are terrifying, like the classic "Big Chap", while some are actually cute (but still incredibly awesome). Your favorite villain from horror flicks has been given the StandOut District treatment with these awesome "Xeno" bracelets. >>>>Check out the Aliens & Predators Collection<<<< Not Sold In...

Stainless Steel "Xenomorph" Pendant Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel "Xenomorph" Pendant

$40.00 from $19.95

The Xenomorph. To quote Ash, "You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility." We have to agree.Massive, awesome Xenomorph head rendered entirely in 316L stainless steel. To be honest, it looks extremely dangerous and we bet those...

Stainless Steel "Xenomorph" Ring Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel "Xenomorph" Ring

$30.00 $12.95

Certain jewelry conveys a sense of power. You know what we mean, right? You put on a special beaded bracelet on when you're nervous, you wear that awesome chunky piece you picked up off Etsy when you have a challenging presentation to make. You know what should give you even a...